Carnival Infographic poster

Carnival Poster

I worked on an infographic poster for a carnival school event. After working in both Piktochart and Canva, I got a feel for both of them.  The two posters are below. I will see which one the Carnival team likes best.  Under the posters are my thoughts on each.

Thoughts on using Canva.

  • I found more free images that I liked. 
  • It doesn't provide an embed code. You can post to facebook or get the link to your work. 
  • Also to download the jpeg or a PDF, you need to pay for any of the images or templates that you used. I tried to use free images and didn't realize that I chose a template that costs $1. This poster will cost $1 which I will pay after I make final changes..Maybe this isn't that costly as a monthly upgrade on Piktochart is more expensive.
  • Canva has tutorials on graphic design.

Thoughts on using Piktochart.

  • I like the option to embed and present from the publish Piktochart site.
  • It was pretty easy to use.
  • I didn't find as many templates, backgrounds or images as I would have liked.  I would have purchased the pro version but it seems quite expensive. The lite version is $15 per month and the pro at $29 per month.


  1. Nice work on both graphics! Colorful, fun and most of all, make me want to come to the Carnival. :) And thank you for the tips comparing the two tools. Nice work.

  2. Your posters are great - very professional. I used your link to Canva and played with it but had little luck with finding free images I wanted. Everything seemed to be another dollar. I guess I don't have your magic touch! Oh well.

    1. FYI- I made some changes to the Canva designs and found I had to upload a lot of images. Might be a work around to upload images.


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